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We at SC4U provide all the latest news needed to make the right, healthy choices in the world of beauty. In SC4U you can easily find must know information like brands of shampoo without sulfate, paraben free makeup brands, articles about toxins like carcinogens in makeup and more.

We are here because we know that the world is changing.

Years ago, when we got in the shower we never thought that our beauty comes with such a high price!!!

Who would’ve known how imprtant it is to find shampoo without sulfate.

Well, it does. More and more cosmetics companies are developing cheaper ways to keep their profits growing. 

It turns out that if we don’t start taking better care of ourselves and stop trusting those companies to look out for our best interests, their bottom line might hazard our health.

Lead, paraben, dioxane, benzophenone, carbon black, carcinogens, coal tar… this is just a short list of toxic ingredients found in every day products we use such as lipstick, nail polish, shampoo, soap, mascara and many many more.

These horrific toxins can cause cancer, allergies, ADHD and even birth defects. the list goes and on.

So what do we do? How can we stay beautiful without damaging our health?

That’s why we started SC4U.

We’re here because we care about you. We’re here to give you the answers to your questions such as, can you dye your hair while pregnant? what brands of shampoo without sulfate are out there? what are magnesium sulfate side effects? does painting nails while pregnant hurt the fetus?

We at safecare4u are going to help you make a better decision about your life.

Not just because we want to, BECAUSE WE HAVE TO!!!


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