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April 8, 2017
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Vegan Makeup Brands

Recently I wrote about the importance of checking for animal-derived ingredients in your lipstick. Now that you’ve learnt a trick or two from the article it’s time to move one step up the ladder and investigate vegan makeup brands.  While you should first make a switch with your lipstick, due to the fact you’re essentially ingesting the product, it’s also important to check your other favorite makeup items. Choosing cruelty-free brands is truly something to be proud of.


The journey to becoming vegan

Whether someone inspired you to become vegan, or you made the decision entirely yourself, it’s not a change that comes about overnight. It literally took me years to finally switch over my best makeup items to vegan friendly cosmetics.


One of the biggest hurdles for me, was not only being attached to those bold colors, easy-glide applications and perfect formulas, but also not quite knowing which ingredients were animal-derived or not. This was usually because common non-vegan ingredients were masked under many different scientific, lengthy names.


I got so frustrated spending hours in the beauty aisles researching ingredients on my phone, before deciding whether to purchase the makeup or not. Instead I found makeup brands that did the work for me, in deciding to use only absolutely no animal products. Some of my favorite ones are:



Common animal-derived ingredients in makeup

Usually, a cosmetic company’s ingredient list should be easy to locate on their product. If you have to really dig around on the internet, as I’ve done countless times, then it’s a good sign they’re not trustworthy and have something to hide. You won’t find any of the following animal-derived ingredients in vegan makeup brands:



I was finding this ingredient a lot in eyeshadows or other shimmery products like highlighters which I absolutely loved. However, it was so off-putting to learn that guanine is actually made from oh-so-shimmery fish scales. Pretty fish belong in the ocean, not in my makeup.


Hyaluronic Acid

Keep an eye out for this one in lip products and liquid eyeshadows, as it’s commonly added to make them extra hydrating. Unfortunately it’s made out of extracts from within a rooster’s comb (male chicken) which has to be one of the weirdest ingredients you’ll ever find in makeup.



When you were a kid, did you hear about all those rumours about jelly beans being made from ground-up cow hooves? Well those rumours are pretty close to the truth. You’ll also find gelatin in cosmetics as it binds many of the other ingredients together. Other parts of an animal that are used to create gelatin include boiled down skin, ligaments and bones.


For the love of animals

I’m not sure about you, but I adore animals and once I learn facts about all the many ways in which humans are torturing them for their own gains, there’s absolutely no going back to the way in which I lived before. Choosing vegan makeup brands is one of the many ways to stop the unnecessary torture of animals and stand up for what you believe in.

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