harmful chemicals in makeup

March 20, 2017
Harmful chemicals in makeup

Harmful chemicals in makeup

Finding the perfect blend of makeup can be a challenge in itself and once the search is over, you want to hang onto that brand forever! It’s not until you start to learn about particular ingredients in your makeup, that you may become a little disappointed by your makeup brand and decide to make a healthy switch. Harmful chemicals in makeup have been used for as long as the cosmetic industry found its feet but that trend is slowly but surely being turned around!


Why makeup ingredients matter

Non- toxic beauty products are now a way of the future. You shouldn’t have to worry about whether a certain makeup will cause any kind of damage to your skin or overall health. Certain ingredients can be used in a makeup product to help increase its shelf life or even preserve the natural ingredients. The problem is that many companies will use the cheapest option available such as parabens as a preservative. These companies have little regard for your health when they decide what ingredients to use. Companies can also get away with using harmful ingredients and it’s interesting that Dr Mercola points out here only 28 out of 7,500 products in a specific study were even tested for safety.


What’s exciting about these findings

With more and more attention being drawn to the cosmetic industry, women are learning some pretty scary stuff about particular ingredients in their everyday beauty products. Luckily, some of these women are taking it one step further by starting their very own safe cosmetic brand. One of those women is Lauren Brooke who decided to use only certified organic plant oils and extracts in her beauty range. It’s also great to know that her company has been cruelty free from the very beginning of her journey. She has an amazing range of vegan friendly cosmetics and has gone a long way to help women feel incredible about the makeup choices they decide to make.


Just like your food, your makeup can also be nutritional  

When Lauren started her company, she knew one of her biggest drives was to share her wisdom about the benefits that natural makeup can bring to the health of your skin. Using pigments extracted from the very earth you walk upon and the finest organic plants and flowers, Lauren quickly saw how she could transform her skin by steering clear of harmful chemicals in makeup. Since the use of makeup is a daily habit for many of us, it can truly make a world of difference when you carefully apply blends that you know are 100% beneficial to your skin. It’s a feeling that can’t really be described until you try it yourself! So what are you waiting for? Join us on the quest to avoid harmful chemicals in makeup!

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