paraben free makeup brands

March 14, 2017
paraben free makeup brands

Paraben free makeup brands

If we could name one cosmetic ingredient that’s causing the most controversy among the beauty industry, that award would certainly go out to parabens. Parabens are a type of preservative commonly added to makeup, to preserve the many other natural ingredients used in the formula. The controversy lies in the growing number of side-effects that come as a result of using products that contain parabens. Want to know why it’s becoming essential to use only paraben free makeup brands? Keep reading!


Why do parabens get such a bad rap?

They are simply everywhere. From your shampoo, to your foundation and even your toothpaste. If you were to look at the product label and find any lengthy scientific ingredient ending in “paraben” then these are the chemicals we are talking about.


There is a growing amount of evidence being revealed as to their dangers, especially parabens and their link to cancer. In fact one study reveals that parabens were found in 99% of tissue sampled from 40 women going through breast cancer treatment.  Sadly the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) still have no regulations when it comes to which preservatives can be used in cosmetics.


If you could count how many makeup products or other beauty items you use in a day what would that number be? It becomes an interesting task to go through each bathroom item and see just how many contain parabens! A survey of 4000 women revealed an average of 40 makeup products owned by each women!  It starts to make sense how we are exposed to parabens at such a high level when we read those type of statistics! Non toxic beauty products are becoming more and more important.


How can I avoid products containing parabens?

FDA in Philippines have already banned particular types of parabens- yippee!! But until the time when the American FDA places stricter regulations on the use of parabens, it’s important to keep an eye out for paraben free makeup brands.


Because makeup brands already know we are all onto something from the mass media attention parabens have received, they are beginning to find ways to exclude parabens from their makeup brand which is great news! We also wrote about ways to avoid other carcinogens in makeup here. It’s becoming easier and easier to find brands that will support the use of chemical-free ingredients in makeup.

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