Aluminum in deodorant

February 8, 2017

You’ve been looking forward to that first date with the guy you met at the bar for days on end. You spent hours carefully applying your makeup, picking out the perfect dress and heels to match. Just as you arrive at the restaurant where your date eagerly awaits you realize you’ve made one big mistake. You forgot to put on any deodorant! You take one awkward sniff under your armpit and you’re freaking out about the odors that are soon going to start drifting his way. Before you drive away we want to let you know one good thing about forgetting your deodorant! Aluminum in deodorant has become a strong point of discussion in the health world and if you want to know why, you’ve come to the right place.


All things sweat

Sweating is a part of what makes us uniquely human and allows your body to maintain its optimal temperature of around 98.6ºF (37ºC). Sweat is actually just a whole lot of water but the odor comes about when the bacteria that sits on your skin mixes with the sweat. The first deodorant was officially patented in 1888 and since that time it’s been commonplace to routinely apply deodorant to your armpits. Around 95% of Americans use deodorant daily as an effective way to combat sweaty smells.


What is aluminum in deodorant and why does it matter?

The problem with using a deodorant every day of your life is that many brands contain chemicals that are harmful to your health. In particular aluminum in deodorant is the active ingredient in just about every deodorant you pick up. However aluminum prevents toxins from escaping from your pores (a natural process) and therefore those toxins can build up in your body over time. This is of particular concern to you as a woman, as cancer is very common in the lymph nodes and breasts.  Further, it has been found that aluminum in deodorant can interfere with estrogen’s role in the body. That’s a scary thought when it comes to breastfeeding! Of course research has only become available in the last few years and with more and more tests we are positive of the strong link between chemicals in deodorant and the high prevalence of breast cancer.


You don’t have to avoid deodorant all together

It’s OK you won’t be the girl walking through a crowd with everyone holding their noses from your awful smells! The next time you’re shopping for a deodorant look for aluminum-free brands. There is also an array of roll on’s, sprays or crystal sticks available. Be proud to be conscious and caring of what you decide to put on your body, especially when it is something so frequently used as deodorant. Non toxic beauty products really are a way of the future and you don’t have to wait for everyone else to catch-up on the hype. Don’t be scared to ask for honest recommendations at health shops as to what natural deodorants work the best. You can also check other chemicals contained in your deodorant against the safe cosmetics list.

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