Safe cosmetics list

February 3, 2017
Safe cosmetics list

Starting out on a chemical free journey can often seem overwhelming, like climbing a mountain but never feeling like you’ll reach the top. Luckily these days there is an almost endless source of information available at your fingertips. And you don’t have to be a scientist to make sense of it. A safe cosmetics list can be found on many leading cosmetic websites and blogs, created predominately by women who are passionate about spreading the message of chemicals in cosmetics.


What is a safe cosmetics list?

For decades women remained misinformed about their makeup products and many still do to this day. However, the tides are shifting and with all the information on the internet, you can readily access research or scientific studies performed on your everyday makeup brands. The level of carcinogens in makeup are pretty scary and especially to know big brands are still using them. A safe cosmetics list will often show in depth reports as to the specific chemicals used in leading makeup brands and what to avoid.


You can easily find data such about top makeup companies globally and which concerning chemicals are being used in their line of products. You can also find figures on their global profits and whether they even have a policy in place for the use of particular cancer-forming chemicals.


Be empowered by what you find

It’s very hard to un-know what you’ve learnt and read about chemicals in particular makeup products that you use every day. Start to shop around online and in makeup shops until you familiarize yourself with all the trusted brands. There are plenty of companies now manufacturing non toxic beauty products.


We know it can be hard when you have already found the perfect shade in a foundation or blush but don’t worry, you will find a great safe alternative. When you go through your daily makeup ritual, you will feel so amazing to know that you are applying a makeup created by a company that cares about your health and contains no harmful chemicals.


Spread the word!

No you don’t have to stay up to 3am making cardboard protest signs and strut around the city streets yelling “don’t trust your makeup brands they are trying to give you cancer!“. You’ll only be put in the same category as the crazy cat lady next door. Take it down a notch and start with those you care about and are close to you. As soon as your girlfriends start asking you why you ditched your favourite tube of lipstick explain what you’ve discovered. This is truly a great time for women to band together and take advantage of the facts contained in a safe cosmetics list.


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    Could you provide a link of a safe cosmetics list you’d recommend?

  • Reply Kinneret March 2, 2017 at 8:59 pm

    Very important information–thank you

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